Urgent Appeal for Help (Leif Cocks, President of AOP) I am writing this letter to Australian Orangutan Project (AOP) members and supporters to ask for your financial assistance with an urgent funding request from the Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre near Medan, North Sumatra. AOP has been supporting the Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre with technical assistance, staff training and funding operational costs of the centre, including: wages, medical equipment, orangutan food, maintenance work and construction costs.click here to read more

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Palm-Oil Free - Clean Clothes, Clean Conscience
Every time you purchase an Aware product you are supporting Planet Arks’ environmental campaigns. But for every Aware laundry product sold between 1st October 2010 and 31st March 2011, Aware will give Planet Ark a further 10c. This money will assist projects working to protect orangutans from the effects of deforestation due to palm oil production. So why would you use anything else? For clean clothes and a spotless conscience, be aware, buy Aware and help save the orangutans. To learn more about these projects go to PalmOilFree.PlanetArk.org

PalmOilFree PlanetArk (more details)

The orangutans' rainforest is being felled for Palm Oil and other crops at an overwhelming rate with the remaining forest being degraded by drought and forest fires. Extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years for Sumatran Orangutans and soon after for Bornean Orangutans. We need to recognise the massive amount of suffering being inflicted on a species that is 97% genetically identical to humans.

Orangutans are highly intelligent animals. Their intelligence is comparable to that of a five or six year old child. Surely these self-aware animals deserve the right to live and to be free from torture and exploitation?

Protecting the orangutan also protects the surrounding ecosystem and myriad of endangered and exotic species. Saving the orangutan saves the forest.


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